Meet Dee


It seems like a lifetime ago that during the eighties and nineties I was a model and a page 3 girl called Dee Ivens.

During this time I got into fitness and training to help me stay trim for my job.
From the outside, everything looked great but what no one knew was that I had been battling a crippling eating disorder for many years that continued throughout my modelling career.
It took me years of different treatments, therapies and soul searching to eventually overcome a soul-destroying tortuous illness.

In my recovery, I began educating myself about nutrition. I worked in a gym became qualified and started teaching classes.
I learnt what a difference I felt when I was kind to myself with good food and exercise.

Exercise, nutrition and well-being became such a passion for me I decided I wanted to share how good I felt so I got my PT qualification and started training and helping others.

Aa few years ago when my 50th was approaching and I kept thinking what I wanted to do, I definitely didn’t want a big party.
I was lucky enough to have travelled to some beautiful places when I was a model and since but there was one place I had always dreamt of visiting - the Maldives!

That was it! - I envisaged being on that beach proudly wearing a silver sequin bikini on my 50th birthday and feeling confident about my body.
It wasn’t an easy ride as for the past four years I had been going through the menopause with a lot of symptoms - severe fatigue and exhaustion being the worst for me.

I had my goal so I did the training I needed too, ate a healthy diet and truly had the most magical time of my life, a lot of it while wearing that bikini.
Whilst there I had plenty of time on my hands and I started thinking about my milestone birthday, and how I had been feeling in the years running up to it

I didn’t want to conform to a stereotypical image of a middle-aged woman.
I had proven to myself that using what I had learnt over the years I could still look and feel better at 50 years of age than I did at 20 all while battling the menopause.

This was when fifdee came about.
I decided I wanted to share what I know about the best way to train and exercise at this time of life along with nutritional and beauty advice and menopause tips that had worked for me and got me to where I am today.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and that you find it helpful
Here’s to smashing stereotypes!

All the best
Love Dee xxx

It’s time to realise age really can be just a number and at fifdee YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO WEAR A BIKINI!