Pig Out

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Pig Out

We all have those times where we have an all-out binge. You may have been doing so well on that healthy eating plan sticking to your exercise regime, getting near to your body goal when wham, suddenly an all-out craving strikes!

If you are feeling hormonal, a little low, stressed or have had a couple of glasses of wine the chances are your willpower will fly out the window and you will think blow it and head for the biscuit jar, birthday cake, kids sweet cupboard or in my case last night it was the leftover Easter eggs.

It is important not to beat yourself up, we are only human after all and even though you will probably wake up feeling a bit bloated and uncomfortable the next day the truth of the matter is that you won’t have totally sabotaged yourself and your goal.

The worst thing you can do is think “right that’s it! I am not going to eat hardly anything today to make up for it!”
By doing this you could be setting yourself up for another binge and start to create unhealthy eating patterns.

There are a few things that I do to feel better the day after a pig-out and to help get me back on track.

1. I say to myself “ Ok I pigged out but you know what I enjoyed it at the time and I deserve a treat now and again especially as 90% of the time I am super healthy.
2. As soon as I wake up I will drink a big glass of water and make sure that I drink plenty of water throughout the day.
3. In a glass of water, I will add a couple of dessert spoons of apple cider vinegar. This can help balance your glucose levels and aid digestion.
4. I make sure that everything I eat the next day is full of nutrients and benefits me, for example for lunch or dinner I would have something like lots of green vegetables and wild Atlantic salmon. I say to myself “Ok body I wasn’t too kind to you stuffing you with sugar yesterday, so today I will make sure I give you some really good food that is beneficial to you.
5. I make sure I exercise. I find that some sweaty cardio does the trick. I like to get my heart rate up quite high so I would do a couple of rounds of hiit training at maximum intensity and then some strength training. Often you will find you have plenty of energy after a pig out as you will have refuelled your glycogen stores so this is a good time to put that extra energy to good use.
6. I will make time to have a little pamper, soak in a scented bath wash my hair, put on some nice body lotion, spend a little extra time on my make up and wear something I like.
7. Just forget about it and get on with my day.

So don’t let one little pig out jeopardise all your previous hard work. It can screw you a bit mentally making you feel like a bit of a failure, but just let it go, apply some of the above, move on and carry on the good work you have been doing to achieve your goal.

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